mbuna translations

Professional Translation for Aquatics and Pet Supplies

Are you looking for a linguistic partner who you can trust with your translation projects and Spanish content?

I’m Nani Delgado, a professional translator specialized in aquatics and pet supplies.
This area of expertise has been my passion for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in Andalucia, and the glorious Spanish coast with its breathtaking flora and fauna left its mark on me from a very young age. One of my earliest passion projects was a saltwater aquarium I built and managed for my school.

For the last 20 years, being a translator has linked my love for language with my passion for fauna both on land and in the sea.

Today, my experience is the ace up your sleeve:
mbuna translations stands for first-class results.
My expertise allows me to communicate with your audience in their lingo,
on their turf — and that makes all the difference for your business.

Your translator with expert competence.

About me


20 years of industry expertise, working with universities, state authorities, and hundreds of corporate and academic clients from around the world.


My native language is Spanish, with a trilingual academic path in Spanish, German, and English. I polish your Spanish copy and content to shine.


As a professional liaison interpreter, I am your Spanish voice and earpiece during international meetings, workshops, and business events.

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Advanced Trainings
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Aquarium technology, water analysis, or anything in between — I make sure your products make the best possible first impression on the Spanish market.
Does your company deal with an unusual aspect of aquatics? No problem! As an expert with a lifelong passion for underwater life, my in-depth knowledge of topics ranging from aquascaping to fish diseases sets me apart.



Substrates, technology, and decorations — My knowledge of technical terminology combined with in-depth practical knowledge is one of my greatest strengths.
Professional development is a vital part of my business. Trade fairs, seminars, and product presentations help me stay on top of my game and provide you with first-class results, guaranteed.


Pet Supplies

Dogs, kittens, exotic pets:
Your production documents, marketing materials, sales copy, and trade communications about breeding and care of domestic animals need an expert hand to resonate with your Spanish audience.
mbuna translations is your Spanish language professional with a trilingual academic path and 20 years of industry expertise.